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Sat 7 Mar, Bishop Challoner - 13:30
BG Lions

The Match:
When BG Lions and Wapping Wildcats entered the court on 7 March 2020 netiher team suspected that this will be their last volleyball game in a very long time.
In a direct battle for 2nd place in the group, the Lions started the match very motivated and strong and took an early lead in the first set. They never lost the initiative throughout it and managed to snatch the win at 21-17, without allowing Wapping to ever challenge for the lead in the score. The second set was a slightly different story, as it went point-for-point all the way until the very end. In the crucial moment, a tip in attack by Richard gave Lions the needed 2-point margin at 19-21 and a 2 sets to 0 lead in the match. While the third set started very well for the Lions who took a 4 point lead before the 10th point, the boys were unable to close it as easy as they we have wanted to. Wapping caught up and even took the lead at 18-17. At this point both teams started playing carefully not to make mistakees and the spertacularity of the attack was reduced. However, a number of clever plays from Stanev lead to 3 points in a row and a final win for Lions at 20-22, and 3-0 sets.


End of Season decision:
On 13 April 2020, the London Volleyball Association's Executive Committee took the decision to terminate the 2019/20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All remaining unplayed games will be considered as a 2-2 draw and no promotion/relegation playoffs will take place.
The decision directly affects our men's team who finish the season in 2nd place and we at BG Lions are very dissappoitned that no clubs' opinions or proposals were taken into account by the Executive when making the call to cancel playoffs. However, we respect the decision and hope that we would soon be allowed back on court for training and preparation for the new season.
While no playoffs will take place, our club will apply for automatic promotion into the Men's Division 1, to allow for the opening of a second men's team in Division 2.
The league temirnation decision does not affect our women's team who finish the season in 8th place.


See how our teams performed during the season
Men's TEAM
  • 1. Blockbusters
    31 pts
  • 2. BG Lions
    27 pts
  • 3. Wapping Cheetahs
    26 pts
  • 4. Waltham Forest
    25 pts
  • 5. Baks 2
    22 pts
  • 6. Dynasty
    19 pts
  • 7. London Lynx 2
    18 pts
Women's TEAM
  • 1. Malory Red
    45 pts
  • 2. Flaming Six
    42 pts
  • 3. SQUAD 2
    37 pts
  • 4. Good Times
    36 pts
  • 5. Lionhearts B
    29 pts
  • 6. Dynamo DD
    29 pts
  • 7. Waltham Forest
    28 pts
  • 8. BG Lions
    24 pts
  • 9. Tuskers
    18 pts
  • 1. BG Lions
    0 pts
  • 2. TBC
    0 pts
  • 3. TBC
    0 pts
  • 4. TBC
    0 pts
  • 5. TBC
    0 pts
  • 6. TBC
    0 pts

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We are super excited to announce that BG Lions now have our OWN ONLINE STORE, where club merchandise is available!
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Our club is constantly looking for partners from the Bulgarian and wider London community, for collaboration initiatives.
From the 2020/21 season there will be even MORE advertising space available for our sponsors, as we intend do stream all of the club's home games live from the venue!
See our PROMOTIONAL VIDEO for details on our streaming graphics and advertisement space available!

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We are awaiting further details on the start of the new volleyball season from the London Volleyball Association.
With all indoor amateur sports still prohibited under government lockdown rules, we hope to have specific timeframes of practice resumption and season start and end times soon.

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